For me, cellar work is bringing the quality and the character of the grapes from the vineyard into the bottle, without any damage and while safeguarding the uniqueness of the vintage and the vines. Meticulous cleanliness and delicate processing is therefore a matter of course for me. The wines are given plenty of time to develop themselves – our single site wines, Pletzengraben and Hochschopf, are carefully bottled after more than a year. The wines thank us with their timeless beauty and the unmistakable character of their origin.

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Traisental valley - wine in all its facets

The diversity of our Traisental is present in every one of my wines. My extensive range longs from the fresh and cheeky TOM line, the finest regional and local wines to charismatic wines from the best sites.

A broad range of Magnum bottles is an integral part of my wine variety.

You can find extensive wine descriptions, data sheets and food recommendations in our webshop.

We are happy to deliver orders from Austria free of charge. Deliveries to Germany are carried out with a small surcharge.

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